aglomEX - battenfeld-cincinnati


For energy efficient PVC pelletizing

Customized solutions and high flexibility for PVC formulas

PVC-pellets are the basis for a variety of raw material components (plastics, fillers, additives) used in blow molding, injection molding and extrusion. Some important quality criteria for granulates are residual moisture, consistent bulk density, low dust content and uniform homogeneity. To produce PVC granulate, twin screw or planetary roller extruders are used in combination with a hot die face. For other thermoplastic materials, single screw extruders are combined with water ring, underwater or strand pelletizing systems. 

Your Advantages:

  • Highest variety of materials and formulations
  • Tailor-made equipment and process know-how direct customer support and service
  • Remote access & automatic process control by BCtouchUX
  • PVC Pelletizing & recycling systems up to 3500 kg/h
  • EMS-technology for PVC-U & PVC-P for a wide range of receipes for granulation
  • Complete pelletizing lines, incl. granulate cooling equipment

Our Offer:

  • Pelletizing extruders available in various machine sizes, up to 135 mm screw diameter
  • L/D ratios: 28:1 (und 34:1 for algomEX)
  • Output PVC-U dryblend: up to 1600 kg/h
  • Output PVC-P dryblend: up to 2200 kg/h
  • Individual development of extrusion lines as well as downstream systems, training and comprehensive service offers
  • Worldwide service and remote access possibility
  • Process engineering counseling and training
  • Facilities for customer specific testing in our in-house technical center


The new twin screw extruders “series” are the optimal extruders for pelletizing of dryblend and recycling PVC

Your advantages:
  • Ideal concept for PVC-U, PVC-P pelletizing processes with little variations in recipe
  • Individually designed processing units for dryblend or regrind processing
  • Newly developed 34 L/D series with up to 20% improved output
  • For highest quality pellets from regrind also available with semi-automatic screen changers
  • Screen changer installation with no additional adapters to minimize the danger of PVC burners
  • Dosing screw design, wear protection and pelletizing head configurations adapted to special applications
  • Top-quality wear protection made of molybdenum, tungsten carbide, chrome plating, or with nitride surfaces
Our offer:
  • Machine sizes 93 - 135 mm in diameter
  • L/D ratio: 28:1 and 34:1
  • Output PVC-U dryblend: up to 1600 kg/h
  • Output PVC-P dryblend: up to 1500 kg/h
  • Output PVC-U regrind: up to 1200 kg/h
  • The machine is individually adapted to your requirements

aglomEX EMS

The innovative extruder series with unique electromotive shear gap adjustment offers a high flexibility during the production process

Your advantages:
  • Newly developed series with up to 20% improved output
  • High flexibility during the production process, due to shear gap adjustment technology
  • Processing a wide range of recipe variations with one pair of screws possible
  • Highest product quality through a highly effective degassing system
Our offer:
  • Machine sizes 114 - 135 mm in diameter
  • L/D ratio: 28:1
  • Output PVC-U dryblend: up to 4500 kg/h
  • Output PVC-P dryblend: up to 2200 kg/h
  • Double barrel degassing with twin solids separator system and powerdul vacuum pump
  • An easy-adjustable processing technology for soft and rigid PVC pelletizing

BC-Touch UX control

  • Supports OPC-UA Protocol
  • Supports industry 4.0 functions
  • Control mounted directly on the extruder cabinet or on a mobile stand
  • Individually customizable user interface: adapted to every machine operator (language, icons, screen configuration)
  • Up to 7 extruders can be integrated into the control