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alpha basic/plus

The plug & play bestseller

Flexible single screw extruder concept for standard applications

Our global bestseller, the alpha basic/plus single screw extruder, has been conceived and developed especially for the extrusion of technical profiles and small pipes. Application areas are for example utility profiles, as well as the furniture, automotive, building and electronics industries. The following materials can be processed with alpha basic/plus: PE, PP, ABS, ABS/PC, PS, PMMA, TPE as well as soft and rigid PVC. 

Your Advantages:

  • Wide range of performance classes
  • Extremely compact with minimal footprint
  • Direct drive with high torque, brushless, maintenance-free AC motor
  • Complete lines for pipe and profile
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • UL versions for the US market

Our Offer:

  • Choice of different extruder models available from stock with screw diameters of 45, 60 and 75 mm
  • Processing units in 25 L/D with smooth and in 28 or 30 L/D with grooved feed section
  • Outputs from 10 - 300 kg/h
  • High-quality machine components from leading European suppliers
  • Analogue synchronization (0-10V signal) with relais control (alpha basic) or digital control (alpha plus)

alpha basic

  • SecuRe control with high-precision PID temperature controllers 
  • Vacon 100 frequency converter with integrated start/stop function for the main motor 
  • Overheating protection for heating zones (> 300 °C) 
  • Overvoltage protection for control cabinet 
  • X6 standard I/O interface (external start/stop function, speed reduction, ...) 
  • 3-color LED alarm light 

alpha plus

  • BCcompact with 12“ Touch Screen 
  • Euromap 27 (CAN-Master or CAN-Slave and/or Downstream) 
  • BCA-Interface 1 (Downstream) 
  • leanEX-Interface (Downstream)



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