Planetary roller extruder - battenfeld-cincinnati

Planetary roller extruder

For calender feeding and calender coating

Flexible design allows adjustment to different formulas

The classic application area is feeding calender and coating lines for the production of PVC sheet. Two-stage planetary roller extruders are also used for pelletizing. We offer single-stage and two-stage planetary roller extruders. We pay special attention to manufacturing the gear elements that must interlock like high-precision cogwheels. 

Your Advantages:

  • Excellent controllability of melt temperature
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Narrow, controlled range of residence time
  • Balanced ratio of shearing and heat transfer
  • Short formula change-over times, because the toothed components continually interlock so that no material deposits can form

Our Offer:

  • Single-stage and two-stage planetary roller extruders in the sizes 140, 170, 200, 250 and 350/355 mm
  • Outputs of 450 - 4,000 kg/h (PVC), 400 - 2,200 (ABS) and 500 - 2,200 kg/h (EVA)
  • Adjustment to different formulas possible
  • Flexible design

BCtouch UX control

  • Supports OPC-UA Protocol 

  • Supports industry 4.0 functions 

  • Control mounted directly on the extruder cabinet or on a mobile stand 

  • Individually customizable user interface: adapted to every machine operator (language, icons, screen configuration) 

  • Up to 7 extruders can be integrated into the control 


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