Greiner Extrusion Group joins Nimbus portfolio – alongside battenfeld-cincinnati - battenfeld-cincinnati

Greiner Extrusion Group joins Nimbus portfolio – alongside battenfeld-cincinnati

Nimbus umbrella will provide opportunity for Greiner Extrusion to combine strengths with battenfeld-cincinnati Group for leading profile extrusion solutions, keep independence.

On 21 December 2021 Nimbus hands-on investors concluded the acquisition of Greiner Extrusion Group from Greiner AG, who was the majority shareholder since the acquisition of Uniplast in 1986 and who subsequently expanded the business to one of the leading global players in profile extrusion.

Nimbus (, a private investment company, has been in operation for more than 20 years. Since the beginning in 1999, Nimbus has invested in about 100 companies in North-Western Europe, mainly in the “BeNeLux”, “DACH” and UK region. With a team of 20 investment professionals, Nimbus today manages more than 30 portfolio companies with sales of 40-300 M€ each.

Since the start of Nimbus the focus has remained unchanged: investing in industrial companies that need financial investment and hands-on support in improving results. A “hands-on” approach, together with a longer-term, entrepreneurial mindset towards increasing value is at the heart of what Nimbus does and what sets it apart from many players in the private equity sector.

Since 2016 Nimbus has also been proud majority shareholder of the battenfeld-cincinnati Group (BC; During the past five years and working closely together between Nimbus and BC management, BC progressed to a truly value-creating, global market leader in plastics extrusion. battenfeld-cincinnati develops and produces extruders for the pipe, sheet and profile market and has operations in Germany, Austria, the US and China. Customers combine solutions of BC and the Greiner Extrusion Group for setting up complete extrusion lines.

Going forward, the combination of their unique technical capabilities and global reach of both companies under one ownership, side by side, will provide for significant opportunities to deliver superior solutions and service to customers in the profile extrusion market. In addition, the new relationship will offer room to jointly improve areas such as parts manufacturing and purchasing.

Nimbus Managing Partner Ed van Dijk comments on the transaction: “Like BC, Greiner Extrusion is an established manufacturer of high-performance plastic extrusion equipment. Both companies invest heavily in product development and are technical leaders in their distinctive fields of expertise, serving customers around the world. We are proud to be a shareholder in such a well-regarded company. Our focus as new owner is to ensure that both companies individually keep offering their customers the best possible solutions, while at the same time exploiting the synergies that the combination of know-how and capabilities will bring.”

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