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STARextruder covers broad range of PET processing requirements

The ideal processing extruder for PET doesn't require materials to be pre-dried, can be easily and flexibly adjusted to different incoming materials and end products, and hardly requires any maintenance. Simple operation and control are also indispensable. battenfeld-cincinnati has now developed a new solution to fulfill these exacting requirements: The STARextruder 120 is set to be one of the premier exhibits at this year's world-leading trade fair, on show at stand B19 in Hall 16. In the processing of new materials– and recycled materials in particular – the extruder shines in terms of efficiency, devolatilization performance, and end-product quality. 
battenfeld-cincinnati boasts one of the broadest product ranges on the machine engineering market. The extrusion specialist offers both individual components as well as perfectly coordinated overall systems for the manufacture of pipes, profiles, granulates, sheets, and boards, with each solution precisely tailored to the customer's individual applications. The development of the STARextruder series marks a significant expansion of the PET processing product range. Set to make its debut at the K trade fair, the STARextruder is ideally suited for processing up to 1,000 kg/h of PET, with a screw diameter of 120 mm. The entire STARextruder series comprises four extruder sizes covering a broad range of outputs from 600 kg/h through 1,800 kg/h.  
A single-screw extruder with a degassing zone made up of a planetary roller unit forms the basis of the STARextruder. In this zone, the melted material is rolled out into very thin layers and an enormous surface area is created. This helps generate the perfect conditions for high degassing and devolatilization performance – a crucial factor for ensuring maximum product quality when processing PET and other materials. A further advantage is the large degassing opening on the side of the extruder, which is both accessible and easy to clean. Both new materials and recycled materials (ideally those which have been pre-conditioned) can be processed, as confirmed by an FDA letter of no objection. The EFSA criteria applicable in Europe can also be fulfilled. As demonstrated in numerous test series, the new extruder range also offers outstanding opportunities for processing other materials for which a high level of degassing performance is required. 

Since the beginning of the year, the STARextruder has formed one of the key components of our new lab line, which is enabling battenfeld-cincinnati to provide its customers with a particularly special service. ”Sheet manufacturers can produce new or optimized formulas and material combinations under production conditions and become more familiar with our machine engineering expertise,” explains CTO Dr. Henning Stieglitz, who is inviting interested manufacturers to get in touch. Against the backdrop of Germany's new packaging law and the concepts of resource efficiency and ‘design for recycling’, the plant provides the ideal setting for further developments and features a high-speed extruder and a Multi-Touch roll stack alongside the STARextruder.  

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