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Suitable also for used PVC window recycling

battenfeld-cincinnati has now responded to the rising demand for higher throughput rates and more flexibility concerning materials to be processed by developing a new pelletizing extruder series for PVC. At the K booth, a model from the new aglomEX counter-rotating parallel twin screw extruder series will be presented for the first time. This series includes two variants – with or without electrically driven shear gap adjustment (EMS) – and several machine sizes. 

aglomEX processing units are based on the twinEX models which are already well established in the market, and just like these now provide processing units of up to 34 D. The aglomEX has a processing length of 34 D instead of 28, and the aglomEX with EMS 28 D instead of 22. Due to their 6 D longer processing unit, aglomEX extruders offer an about 20 % higher output than the previous PVC models.

With their sizes 93, 114 and 135, conventional aglomEX models achieve output rates of up to 1,500 kg/h. They can handle both dry blend processing and recycling of PCR materials, for example from the Rewindo collection system. In developing this series, battenfeld-cincinnati was able to draw on its many years of experience in processing recycled materials. Numerous machines with and without screen changers are already successfully operating in this field around the world.

For PVC processors handling an extremely wide and varying range of materials, the choice of an aglomEX with EMS is recommended. The shear gap adjustment system powered by an electric motor is suitable for processing the entire portfolio of PVC formulations from soft to hard. The extruders’ special design shapes a shear gap between screw and barrel. This gap can be altered by adjusting the relative position of the barrel to the movable screw to set the requested shear rate. EMS ensures optimal plasticizing for a great variety of dry blends and PVC formulations while using the same pair of screws. The advantage for the operator is that time-consuming and costly changeover work is no longer required and the EMS can even be steplessly adjusted to varying material grades during production. aglomEX models with EMS are available in the two sizes, 114 and 135 mm for outputs up to 2,000 kg/h.

aglomEX models are universally applicable, meet the requirements of the industry for high output rates and processing of PCR materials, and they are also designed with optimal access for easy cleaning, and for intuitive operation via their modern control system.

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