Drip irrigation pipes

Sustainably saving resources: battenfeld-cincinnati offers extrusion technology for manufacturing irrigation pipes for agriculture, horticulture and landscaping. Our high-performance extrusion lines for manufacturing irrigation hoses and pipes reach production speeds of up to 200 meters per minute.

The drip irrigation system is based on plastic hoses with outlet holes at regular intervals. The water is transported through the hoses laid above ground or underground equipped with integrated (inline) or pinned-on (online) drippers directly to the roots of the plants. Through targeted use of fertilizers in drip irrigation with plastic hoses, crop yields are increased effectively with simultaneous prevention of soil salinization.

On our extrusion lines, our customers produce PO irrigation hoses which offer the advantages of weathering and UV resistance, as well as flexibility in laying. Our technology provides the possibility for producing thick-walled, pressure compensating driplines as well as thin-walled, non-pressure-compensating driplines. 

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Close-up on-line dripper
Irrigation in a glasshouse
Irrigation with round dripper
Patented flat dripper

Our products for manufacturing drip irrigation pipes


solEX NG

Higher output, lower costs, less energy consumption 

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The high-performance extruder for PE-HD and PP pipe extrusion 

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The all-rounder single screw extruders

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GL extruders

Gearless (GL) single screw extruder series with high-torque drive concept 

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Flexible single screw extruders for co-extrusion 

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helix II PO Pipe toolings and coat coating dies

Customized mono- and multi-layer toolings for a various customer needs

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Downstream & Systems

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Green Pipe concept

The innovative concept for energy efficient pipe production

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Controls & Automation

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BCtouch UX Controls

Perfectly controlled processes for every application

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Complete lines for pipe extrusion & special pipe applications

You will find more detailed information about the applications for our extrusion technology in our brochures.

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