Domestic installation pipes

The portfolio of domestic installation pipes offers a wide range of pipes for individual applications in buildings. These include panel, wall and space heating systems, as well as cold and hot water installations and sound-insulated domestic drainage.

battenfeld-cincinnati develops and manufactures complete lines for sustainable extrusion of plastic pipes for building services. The materials which have proved particularly well suited for this field of application are PE-X, PE-RT, PP-R, PB and C-PVC. The oxygen barrier for heating pipes is created either in the form of an EVOH layer or of an aluminum barrier as part of a composite pipe. There is also a continuously increasing demand for geothermal pipe systems.

Our extruders produce absolutely oxygen- and gas-tight five-layer aluminum composite pipes with diameters ranging from 12 to 63 millimeters. When PE-X is used for the outer and innermost layers, the pipes are also UV-resistant on the outside and chlorine-resistant on the inside.

Fiberglass-reinforced pipes and STABI pipes for hot and cold water transport, and mono- and multilayer pipes with oxygen barrier layers are produced in top quality on our systems as well.

In building services applications, pipes manufactured on battenfeld-cincinnati extrusion technology offer the advantages of

… robust internal pressure resistance,
… high thermal resistance and …
… reliable gas impermeability.

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Aluminium composite pipe
Glass-fiber reinforced pipe
5-layer PE-RT pipe with EOVH oxygen barrier
4-layer PE-Xc pipe with EVOH oxygen barrier

Our products for manufacturing domestic installation pipes


solEX NG

Higher output, lower costs, less energy consumption 

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The high-performance extruder for PE-HD and PP pipe extrusion 

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The all-rounder single screw extruders

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GL extruders

Gearless (GL) single screw extruder series with high-torque drive concept 

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alpha basic/plus

The plug & play bestseller

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Flexible single screw extruders for co-extrusion 

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helix II PO Pipe toolings and coat coating dies

Customized mono- and multi-layer toolings for a various customer needs

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Downstream & Systems

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Green Pipe concept

The innovative concept for energy efficient pipe production

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Vacuum tanks for the PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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Cooling tanks für PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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Belt and caterpillar haul-offs for PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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rollStream and tiltStream

Roller beds and tip tables for PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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Cutting units for PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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Controls & Automation

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BCtouch UX Controls

Perfectly controlled processes for every application

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Complete lines for pipe extrusion & special pipe applications

You will find more detailed information about the applications for our extrusion technology in our brochures.

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